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If you are a real adventurer our zipline Xtrem Adventure circuit is the perfect activity for you. There’s no doubt… the most exciting way to fly across Chankanaab Park is in the largest and safest zipline circuit.

After a safety briefing and get dressed with harness and helmet, take a heart-pounding flight in our Tower 1 at 82” high.

Begin launching yourself into our zipline circuit where you will fly across the jungle and the Chankanaab lagoon, while enjoying the stunning scenery of the Caribbean Sea. Combine the excitement of the ziplines and challenge to try our crocodile bridges and waive them from the air

Feel safe throughout the entire flight, our experimented guides, they will do all the work for you, the only thing you have to do is to enjoy the bird’s eye view.

Minimum age for this activity is 6 years old and weigh is 45 lbs
Maximum weight is 250 lbs

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If you think you’ve tried everything in Cozumel. Mayan Laser Tag is one of a kind attraction.

Step into the jungle in the most exciting way playing Mayan Laser Tag, this will be the best way to have fun with your friends or family. Build your team, hide in the jungle, pass the waterfall, hide, and conquer the paradise.

Conquer a Mayan Paradise in a magical and ancestral place, step into the jungle in the most exiting way, become part of the action with your friends and family members.

Experience the excitement putting a tagger in your hand without danger. Run in our mayan path or Sacbe through the jungle and archaeological site replicas. You and your team members will interact with our guides tagging your opponents and the guardians of the Paradise. Choose your challenge: against other team or fight against Mayan Guardians. How many confirm hits will you get?

No protective clothing is needed, since the “guns” shoot harmless beams of invisible infrared light. The gear used is high-tech; each weapon has an internal computer that can be programmed depending on the age and skills of each player.

Minimum age to play is 7 years old.

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The best way to planted back on solid ground is in our fun and fast Tubbing track.

From a height of 16 feet slide 19 feet to the beach in the most exciting ski track.

Ski track to the beach???… sounds pretty weird at 70 degrees isn’t it?? That’s why you should come and try this unmatched combination. We’re sure you’ll cry of joy and excitement.

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Now open in Cozumel, Xtrem Kids, an adventure in the unique circuit designed for our special ones. Bring the whole family to experience Xtrem Adventure in Chankanaab Park.

The amazing adventure that your kids will never forget starts in our rock climbing wall. Walk on the suspended bridges over the crocodiles and then finish with a flight through the jungle and over the Chankanaab lagoon.

Let us witness their first adventure as a super hero or fairy… an experience they will never forget.

Our experimented guides will always escort your children with their safety as a priority.

This course is specifically for kids, ages 4 – 10 years old.  Therefore, adults cannot ride in this circuit.

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Add to your Chankanaab experience learning about the adorable Sea Lions. Put a smile on your face while you enjoy their funny and curious behaviors.

This program is designed for adults and children, you will be able to meet and interact with the cutest marine mammals.

Everybody laugh while watching their graceful movements, when they greet, clap and do all kind of mischief. Learn about their diet, petting them and getting a kiss from them.

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Chankanaab is one of the island’s premier reefs in Cozumel. It’s privileged by its amazing underwater life.

Dive into this magnificent aquatic universe. Delight yourself and have a blast in this underwater world in the pristine clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Admire school tropical fish, the colorful coral reef, amazing marine life and underwater sculptures.

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If you want to pamper yourself a bit more, Natural Spa by the lagoon is the right place.

You can choose a 20, 30 or 45 minutes from any relaxing massages.

Imagine all this with the perfect background of the ocean and the jungle. The certified massage therapist will pamper you in the most natural setting.

-SPA services are with an additional cost and. Services are responsibility of Natural Spa.


Xtrem Adventure
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